Henri 8 — “Artiste”

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Haiku in Two 1.0

Two for an old friend, now long since gone, taken by cancer. These are 5/7/5 syllable haiku.


Longtime gaming pal

Geraldine’s, Sebastian’s dad

Catch him if you can.


Hummingbird Feather

Ah, poor kitty. Gronk, me fix.

Was Shang-Ti’s player.

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Occ The Skeptical Caveman

via The Skeptical Rogues at TheSkepticsGuide YouTube channel

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Haiku in Threes 1.2


Musical voices

With feathers and poison sweat

Home destroyed long since


Ones who do not sleep

Descended from herbivores

See by microwave


Seven-side beings

Seven hands and seven feet

Strong and durable

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Death Is Not Final | IntelligenceSquared Debates

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Wordless Wotan’s Day: Willow

Originally posted on The Call of Troythulu:

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Doctor Who Parody by The Hillywood Show®

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