I’m repurposing this blog…

English: This is a pertinent image of Dawkins ...

English: This is a pertinent image of Dawkins and memes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I launched this blog from a former private testing platform to its current purpose as a publically accessible website, I had planned it with little foresight, as merely an extension of my main blog, intending it at start for very much of the same general subject matter.

That was not to be.

In fact, the general format and topic matter of this site has de facto become something other than I’d thought at first, as it accumulated poetry, quotes and memes and other posts using my fractals, the occasional video, and, and sometimes an essay or two.

I’m going to keep that, use this blog as it now is, and keep it to that purpose.

I’ll be creating a new private test blog soon, for use in diagnosing technical issues with my other WordPress sites, and I’ve thought about creating still more public sites devoted to specialized topics and format. I’m not sure if I’ll do the latter, but if so, I’ll probably not exceed 12 sites total.

I’ll have to work out that out, so we’ll see.

But, in any case, I’ll be updating the subtitle for this blog, and using it mainly as a place to post poetry, very short fiction, fractals as memes and quotes, videos on the originally intended topics for this site and others, as well as a place to reblog things from other sites.

As my alien humans, the Kai’Siri would say…

Talotaa frang.

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Starlight Ghosts

In coldest dark there shines afar,

These ghosts of long dead distant stars,

Having lived their time in years,

In terms of billions, it appears,

Mighty suns as we can see,

Now all gone, light travels free,

Our minds attempt to grasp these truths,

Mere monkey brains, our race’s youth,

Not human spectres, something real,

Wraiths whose shine perhaps revealed,

Worlds with life, perhaps with minds,

So very different from our kind,

How many more of these there are,

These ghosts of long dead, distant stars.

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How do we know what is true?

Originally posted on Open Parachute:

The British Humanist Association has produced 4 animated videos explaining humanist ideas. They are all narrated by Stephen Fry

Here is one that particularly appealed to me - “How do we know what is true?.

See: That’s Humanism: Four animated videos about Humanism narrated by Stephen Fry

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Neil deGrasse Tyson: A Quote

Tragicomic copy

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How Far We Can Rely on Broadcast and Print Media?

Originally posted on Vikram Roy's Blog:

Do you still trust anymore on radio, television, magazines and newspapers? Once upon a time it was print and broadcast media designed the blueprint of modern revolutionary society. These, one way communication systems ruling more than a century, created many wonders; also betrays human ethics for many times. We lost identical local cultures and adopt artificial closed door events due to mediocre false media environment.

Entertainment goes under control by few decision makers. Media politics worked like drugs; easy to get addicted and causing an unproductive society. Media delivers endless ideas but it doesn’t tells, how to apply? Even being educated, people don’t know what is good for the society. People knowing new things daily basis and do believe the facts. This disability is one of the boneless disease spreading on air. People have no guts to turn televised ideas into reality. Time proved once again that technology people develop for good…

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The Bamboozle


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